Leave no page unturned – From a short stories book to a big author’s novel, we are all in for everything. We deal with all kinds of books from fiction (like a thriller, romance, adult, sci-fi, children’s book, short stories, funny, poetry, etc) and non-fiction (like narrative non-fiction, self-help books, current affairs, travel, economics, sports, etc). Flipping pages publications is the go to publishing house for newbies as well as old authors. We offer a wide variety of services which you can check out in our Services section. 

If you want to get your book published with us, kindly submit a rough draft on submission@flippingpages.in in .doc format. Our team will get back to you in no time. 

It is a must that your proposal should include the following things:


(a) Authors Bio

First of all the bio of an author should be in the third person reference. To broadly classify the details we would need, we have mentioned them below:

  • Title of the book
  • Why you chose this title? (Reason)
  • Mention Awards won (if any)
  • Previous Books (If any)
  • Sample work like blogs or any offline/online portal
  • Work experiences and qualification

(b) Synopsis

We expect a brief synopsis from your end. The synopsis is like the first impression of your book to any publishing house. It is important to get it approved in order to move ahead. You should be able to make a good impression in front of the publishers with your words. Following guidelines should be followed regarding the synopsis:

  • Acknowledge the genre of your manuscript
  • It should not be of more than 500 words. Even if we request a detailed one,do not exceed 2500 words. 
  • We do not expect to be in suspense till the end of the story. Synopsis should start by what your story is. It should grow with narration and finally unfold. After that, you can mention the background, basis, the timeline in which the story is set, etc. Also don’t forget to mention the introduction of characters in the story. 

(C) Sample three chapters

You can help us to identify the narration and language by sending your top three picks. You can choose any three chapters from the book. But they should be included in your manuscript. 

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