Book 20 : Between them and us by Rex Rangrez

When Elanai broke into two, the richer Outer Elanai – facing myriad problems like population boom – devised a one-child policy to send off the second-borns to the poorer Inner Elanai. They were called wards. Rubyl wakes up with no memory of the night before and finds his twin brother dead beside him. Gardan Singh, […]

Book 19 : Murder After Carnival by Sameer Kumar

Synopsis : Story of a man with a death wish. (…………) Days succeeding Murder Before Carnival, it was discerned that the partner in crime was a group of high-profile individuals who called themselves Balancers. The Prime Minister dipped his hand to earn some brownie points but later realized that he was framed to the larger plan […]

Book 18 : The mystery of magical sketchpad by Gia Soni

Book synopsis : in the midst of a colourful chaos, 3 little girls find their little adventure. Suzie and lilly’s dad falls ill and doctors have no clue. girls need to go out and beyond to understand what is really happening They stumbled upon a mysterious sketchpad hidden in a treasure chest which added a […]

Book 17 : Aadhi Katori Kheer by Dr. Kapil gupta

कहानियाँ अभिव्यक्ति हैं- हमारे अनुभवों के धरातल की, कल्पनाओं की उड़ान की, और अवलोकन क्षमता की । इन कहानियों में जीवन से जुड़े रोजमर्रा के किस्से, मानवीय संबंधों की गहराई और साथ ही, जीवन को देखने के मेरे दृष्टिकोण की अभिव्यक्ति है । विभिन्न परिस्थितियों में एक आम आदमी की सोच क्या होती है और […]

Book 16 : kaizen : The tragic reunion

Motherhood, a husband hell-bent on kidnapping their son, in-laws with more twists and turns than she can handle and a hot af new relationship- Dr Leah Saxon’s life has been a rollercoaster. Her relationship with Harry was undergoing significant changes, as was her understanding of technology and the many many secrets of her in-laws. Leah […]

Book 15 : Kaizen : The Scattered Family by Shweta Desai

From the 21st century, Leah has moved to the 25th with her son. She is happy and excited at the prospect of a new life and job but gets troubled when the ghosts from her past begin to rise like the phoenix from the ashes. Harry’s world is turned upside down and his loyalty is […]

Book 14 : Kaizen : a fateful redo by Shweta Desai

Dr. Leah Bellmore leads a picture-perfect life. She’s happily married to a software mogul, their toddler daughter is amazingly cute. She is dedicated to her research and rumored to be in the running for the Nobel. Could she be destined to murder someone? Harry is a loyalist, committed to his work and has an impeccable […]


MRP : 299/- Ashutosh is a young, renowned and ambitious businessman; busy building a profitable business and a lavish lifestyle. He thinks that he is in total control of his thriving life, but fate doesn’t concur with him. An unexpected event turns his life upside down. Destiny manifests an unanticipated enigma and devises miseries for […]


MRP : 199/- Blurb : The city is under red-alert. The local police are probing for a 25-year-old suspect Avinash Sampath who is in pursuit of revenge. Nobody is aware of his next step but could perceive something lethal. Among the low odds, a committed Inspector Debjit Acharya is presided to investigate the case and […]


MRP : 199/- Our mind always travels faster than anything. It constantly moves like a YAYAVAR ‘ The Traveller’ working on new thoughts and new ideas. It willingly dives into past, happily treads the present and fearlessly peeps into the future. This poetry book contains different thoughts and feelings of the writer about such limitless journeys […]