When Elanai broke into two, the richer Outer Elanai – facing myriad problems like population boom – devised a one-child policy to send off the second-borns to the poorer Inner Elanai. They were called wards.

Rubyl wakes up with no memory of the night before and finds his twin brother dead beside him. Gardan Singh, a conman, visits him, claiming he has witnessed Rubyl murder his Brother. Gardan offers to help get rid of the body in exchange for Rubyl’s help in a ‘job’.

Police Chief Ila Wantin is more vigilant than ever since the bomb blasts shook Elanai. Her eyes are on the likes of Gardan Singh. But crime is not the only thing she is standing against this time.

A string of events leads to the liberation of the wards.

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