MRP : 199/-
Blurb :
The city is under red-alert. The local police are probing for a 25-year-old suspect Avinash Sampath who is in pursuit of revenge. Nobody is aware of his next step but could perceive something lethal. Among the low odds, a committed Inspector Debjit Acharya is presided to investigate the case and find him. He looks for all possible clues that leads him nowhere to take the things forward until one fine day; he recoups a diary that adheres about Avinash’s past life, which helps him unravel the mystery of his repulsion. Who was he in his past life? What happened to him, that made him choose the darkest path? And, will Debjit be able to stop Avinash? From the award-winning author of Never Fade Away, comes with another master tale of love, a strong belief in friendship, hardbound fear and the hunt for vengeance.
About the Author :
Chetan Batra is a post-graduate in law, poet, blogger, graphic designer, and an award-winning writer born and raised in Ludhiana. 24-year-old Chetan has a keen interest in crime fiction since childhood. Apart from writing, he is a big fan of Bollywood and holds an extravagant dream to try his luck in filmmaking. His last book, titled ‘Never fade Away,’ was released back in 2019 and received rave reviews from the readers.Chetan is a true believer in destiny and always inspires people to opine the bright side of life.

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