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Love isn’t always simple. It sometimes has some of the most unexpected and inexplicable twists and turns as it unravels in one’s life. And more often than not, it also holds the power to break even the strongest of us.
And who knows that better than Ayaan?
Ayaan Vaidya, a young, ambitious, successful techie working for the corporate world has it all going perfectly fine, until one routine afternoon, when, in the middle of a conference, his phone buzzes to life with a call from an unknown number. The caller, however, is well known.
He ignores it, initially, but the caller is persistent. It isn’t until he gives in and attends to it that an unexpected Pandora’s Box gets unlocked that’ll set him down a road that’s absent of any U–turns. Will he reach his destination in time, or will it be too late by the time of his arrival?

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