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Jeeva, a 14-year-old teenager, lies on her deathbed. A girl, who never felt the love and warmth of her dad in her entire life, is now waiting to embrace death. A girl, for whom the entire world until today was her mother, is meeting her dad “Aryan” for the first time.
Aryan is a 37-year-old unsuccessful writer, who is still heedful of his ambitions to taste success in life.
When Jeeva desires to know what life is, Aryan takes up the task to narrate the story of Life in an hour.
Will Jeeva survive?
What does she learn about Life?
Read the Hour of Life to find out.
Get ready to embark on a Journey of Life together.About The Author:
Dhruthik Shankar is an IT professional who is a writer by passion. His first book: “Love or Hate: The Dilemma in her heart” was released in 2017. He is the Creative Head of “E-Brew” a bi-monthly magazine through which he encourages people to showcase their writing and talents. He was recently awarded “Author of the Year 2019” and “Voice of Indian Literature” by Ne8x Lit Fest for his contributions to the Literary industry. He was also featured as the “Author of the Month” by Poets of Bangalore.
You may reach the author at
writer_dhru on Instagram and via mail.

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