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Some of our Bestsellers
The last Class by Himanshu Vashishta
What is love? Does the distance have any effect on it? What if it is unrequited? What happens if you don’t get the person you love? Does it end there? There are so many questions and the answers to these very questions vary from person to person but the one common thing is that we all encounter these questions and situations at some point in our lives.
The hour of life by Dhruthik Shankar
Jeeva, a 14-year-old teenager, lies on her deathbed. A girl, who never felt the love and warmth of her dad in her entire life, is now waiting to embrace death. A girl, for whom the entire world until today was her mother, is meeting her dad “Aryan” for the first time.

Author Experience / Reviews –

I had a wonderful experience working with Flipping Pages. I published my first book 15/1 Story Avenue with them and it became a bestseller. With their top-tier marketing skills, even after a year, people are still interested in the book. Flipping Pages has helped me in my journey as a debutant with wonderful suggestions. They worked tirelessly on a very professional typesetting, got a very attractive cover design in place and marketed the book brilliantly on social media. They also took my book to a few small offline stores. They are honest, hardworking and a very lovable young team. I highly recommend them to the upcoming writers.
They provide a valuable service, which goes way beyond what anyone could expect. Founder, Tushti Bhatia’s industry knowledge, professionalism and sales force has, and will continue to be a vital element of the success of Flipping Pages. With her collaborative, knowledgeable, and valued personality, flipping pages is certain to grow. They’ve worked to find readers for Author’s books—and have done so with passion, flair, and unshakeable commitment to literature. They are offering professional advice on publishing and distribution, getting out books where they need to be in a timely manner, liaising with selling platforms either directly or through the reps, and much more.
As a new writer, I was a bit sceptical about trusting some company with my life long hard work. But once we started with the work, the thing I loved the most was how easy they made this process. The team is quite professional and cooperative. I got everything from my cover design to editing done by them. The way the people come together and motivate you is phenomenal. For any newbie, it is a new experience that was made smooth with the help of Flipping pages. From my experience, I would surely recommend Flipping pages, especially to new writers. I myself will further take their help in my future projects.
I have been in the industry for more than 7 years now. I was looking for people who were as ambitious as I am for my projects. Then, I came across flipping pages and Tushti. The team has been cooperative enough to understand my point of view and also add their essence to the upcoming books. They have helped me with the cover design, editing, and marketing of my book. Through their social media team, they made my reach grow organically which also helped with the sales of my book. I am a person who is too controlling to let anyone else do my work but their team made it so smooth for us to work together. I have been their regular client and will continue to do so.
Frequently asked question section
We have mentioned below a few frequently inquired things for all the aspiring authors who are looking for some details.
We are always happy to assist you with any queries that you might have. Feel free to reach us out at tushti@flippingpages.in or +91 94609 46007.

We ensure you have options to sell the book the way you want. We provide services where we do all the work and you get the incurred profits. The second kind is where we upload the book from your account. You have access to all the sales and profit. We just charge a nominal fee for that.

Also, we make agreements which include all the details of the package you opted for.

We have published over 200 books for new and old authors. We also made it to the 1000 bestsellers of Amazon. We not only say but our results also speak. We have promoted more than 3000 writers which are our regular happy clients too.

We make sure to offer you a cost package according to your needs. 

  1. The very first thing you have to do is to send us 3 chapters, synopsis and author’s bio on the given email     .
  2. After this, you will get a call from our consultant to decide the package and services you want to avail.    
  1. To make it hassle free, we get you to sign an agreement with us for the same terms and conditions we agree on verbally.
  2. The next step involves your introduction to our dedicated team. Whatsapp groups will also be created to make the discussions quick and smooth.
  3. After the work is done, we wait for the author’s approval before publishing the book. 

We offer everything from designing your cover to marketing your books on various platforms like Amazon and Neilson. You can check our “Services” section to check out the variety of services that we provide.

We use both traditional and non-traditional ways of marketing. We organize offline book readings, and other book launch events to create the hype. Also, our social media team uses different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote your book to the masses. 

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We believe that our achievements speak about our work.


We have helped over 3000 writers with their marketing and campaigning. We make sure to arrange book tours, podcasts, and PR campaigns to promote your book.


We at Flipping Pages have sold more than 200 copies of our publishing. We can guarantee you a 5K+ sale of your book.


The books of our publishing have made it to the top 1000 bestsellers on platforms like Amazon and Neilson. Our strategy is to make sure that your book reaches the people out there.

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