Basic Interior Design

Basic interior design service is suitable for text-only books or books with few image insertions, where our designers provide professional typesetting service to make the book print-ready in a particular trim size.

Premium Interior Design

Our expert team reviews the work and provides the author with a couple of custom layouts created for your work. After mutual consensus, we typeset the content in the said layout in a specific trim size. Premium design is recommended for books with images, figures, tables, equations and illustrations.

Basic Cover Design

Book cover is the face of a book. The face has to represent the true character and voice of the work it stands for. Hence, book cover design is an important task to be accomplished carefully to make the book a success. In basic cover design, we find suitable images matching the content from various stock photo repositories and provide the author with a variety of templates/designs to choose from. Aspects of the book cover touched include: front cover, title design, spine, back cover including book summary and author biography and ISBN barcode.

Premium Cover Design

In premium cover design, expert designers review the work and custom design the cover matching the work type. We provide the author with a couple of designs to choose from. Professional consultation is associated along with custom design choice. After mutual consensus, we finalize the cover design for the book.

Custom Illustrations

Our designers can make custom illustrations (drawings, sketches, cartoons) based on the requirements of your content.

Basic Editing & Proofreading

In Basic editing, we correct grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, inappropriate length of the sentences and jargons. The intent of the sentences is not modified. No attempt is made to tamper with the writing style of the author. The simplicity of the sentences is maintained as-is. Proofreading is done after the interior is designed with the edited text. Proofreading is done to ensure there are absolutely no errors or typos in the composed interior file.

Comprehensive Editing & Proofreading

In Comprehensive editing, the editor not only corrects any obvious errors (grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation), but also rewrites sentences and paragraphs, if required to remove inconsistencies and ambiguities. The editor uses his/her expertise to ensure that the document makes sense, and the text is clearer and more understandable.

Internet marketing – Google Ad Campaign

Our Google Adwords specialist identifies the target audience for the book and creates a custom Google Ad Campaign including text and display ads. Campaign ad-budget is flexible and can be decided by the author in consultation with our specialist based on the audience and impressions being targetted.

Social Media marketing – Facebook Ad Campaign

Our Facebook Ads specialist identifies the target audience for the book and creates a custom Facebook Ad Campaign including text and banner ads. Campaign ad-budget is flexible and can be decided by the author in consultation with our specialist based on the audience and impressions being targetted. Pre-Orders

We can make your book available for pre-order on for accepting orders before the release date of the book. Authors can promote their books through Internet and Social Media to generate maximum pre-orders. We will ship the orders post the release date.

Author/Book Website

We offer services for author & book website designing. Book websites help in engaging readers by providing supplementary information. This service includes website design (including homepage, about the book page, about the author page, contact page, gallery, social media plugins), .IN or .COM domain registration and 1 year hosting.

Social Media Setup

Social media setup includes setting up social media pages (Facebook and Twitter pages) and activity on these pages to increase book visibility.

Marketing Kit – Bookmarks & Flyers

We design custom marketing kit for your book including bookmarks and flyers.

Promotional Video

Promotional video trailer for the book can be helpful in engaging the target audience on social media and increasing book visibility. This service includes promotional video design and publishing on Youtube.

Press release submission to 250+ media outlets

Online press release is submitted to various media outlets both Indian and International. This service helps is increasing the book’s visibility, increased book references and search engine optimization.

Book launch event

A book launch function is an important way to release the book and create buzz about the same. A famous personality’s speech/panel discussion with the book release can add to the publicity of the book and coverage in the media. This service is provided in association with our PR partner agencies for professional event and media coverage.

Press interviews, media coverage

An author makes quite an effort to write and compile a book. Once the book is published, the next important step is to increase its visibility amongst the audience. Media coverage in newspapers is very effective for this purpose. An interview and a question-answer round with the journalists is organised in association with our PR partner agencies, whereby author shares his/her views about the book and addresses queries. This service is highly recommended to reach a wider audience.

India Online Distribution

We make the print books available on online channels including, Flipkart and our web store (WFP Store).

International Online Distribution

We make the book available only amazon kindle.


eBook Distribution

We provide high-quality e-book conversion service and submission to major eBook platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Google Play.

Audiobook Distribution

We provide audiobook production and publishing services and submission to 15+ audiobook platforms such as Amazon Audible,, Google Play Audiobooks, Audiobooks Now, Nook, Kobo and more.

Translation Services

We provide translation services from English to various Indian Regional Languages and vice versa.

Book Android App

We can turn your book into an Android mobile app and make it available for sale on Google Play Store. Book mobile apps can have interactive content such as images, audio and video to engage the readers. The authors will earn a royalty on each app download from the Google Play Store.

Re-composition of out of print books

We come across so many books of interest to us, but to our vain, they are out of print. Quite old and not so old books can be found figuring on the book-selling sites with a tag – out of stock/print. Authors who lost their books at the hands of their publishers years ago, can revive their precious books with us. This service is not only beneficial to the authors but also to students, readers who desperately wish to acquire such books. We re-compose the old book by modernizing its interior and cover. Once it’s print-ready, we publish the book and make it available on various online distribution channels.